Motion Tronic has just commissioned new technology in the plastic injection molding industry. This new technology involves a Servo driven core extract function. Conventional methods are hydraulic which are expensive to run, messy, and can cost R100 000s in rejected products when contaminated with oil. The Servo system benefits include: Less than 2% of the
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Do you know how to maintain variable speed drives (VFDs)? Doing so is easier than you might think. By integrating some simple, logical steps into your preventative maintenance program, you can ensure your drives provide many years of trouble-free service. Before looking at those steps, let’s quickly review what a VFD is and how it works. A
Another successful upgrade of a Main Drive on a KraussMaffei machine, this one consisted of a bmaxx4000 series drive rated at 300A.
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Successful upgrade from an outdated and previously unsupported Heating Control system. Our upgrade consisted of Siemens HMI communicating on Profinet to a PLC and Communicating on Mod bus to 8 Eurotherm Digital Thyristor control units. Imagine having the power to save energy…
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Motion Tronic worked closely with a well known provider of systems for the Mining Industry and developed and built the control system for the machine which will be shipped to Namibia, tight deadlines were stuck to and we exceeded the customer expectations once again. The system consisted of a Siemens PLC and HMI using analogs
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Drop tester unit

Motion Tronic was tasked with developing a unit for a customer to test various size plastic blow molded containers. previously an outdated manual system was used but this gave varying results and the operator a BIG ARM…. So we developed a unit from scratch mechanically and electrically this approach allowed us to give the customer
When our client said “can you install an upgrade for us”, we said “how many hours do we have”. Yes, the Motion Tronic team was able to pull this upgrade off in just 36 hours. A complete panel build incorporating a CFW11 drive 132kw with the relevant switch gear. We have many years of experience

AutoMatex crosslapper upgraded

Motion Tronic were tasked with upgrading an obsolete and outdated control system on a Automatex Crosslapper in doing so we achieved optimal running speeds and greatly increased the production rates, Quality and overall reliability of the system. Yet another successful project by the Motion Tronic team.
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For the Motion Tronic team of dedicated engineers this was a quick and easy implementation of a Siemens S7-1200 PLC for controlling the weight and batching of Fiber. The solution comprised of new Cad electrical drawings, installation and commissioning including all wire numbering and referencing and this was achieved using Eplan P8. Once again problems
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Servo Motor Repairs

Motion Tronic has recently acquired specialised equipment to allow us to carry out servo motor repairs to all brands. This includes full mechanical maintenance to feedback testing as well as electrical alignment of the feedback devices. At the end of the service or repair a full printed report is given on the electrical condition of
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