Automation & Integration

Integrating different manufacturers of automation hardware & software

Automation Solutions

Our engineers are able to integrate different manufacturers of automation hardware & software so that they work together as one large system for any application or solution you may require.

  • Multi Axis Motion Systems
  • CNC Solutions
  • Custom Machine Builds
  • Telematic Systems
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What We Can Do For You
  • Engineer a new control system
  • Design, Build and Maintain a complete machine for a specific manufacturing process
  • Upgrade an outdated control system, PLC, drive or relay logic system
  • Consult with you to help you improve your manufacturing process
  • Find out more about our turnkey manufacturing automation solutions
Industrial Automation Integration
Process control systems integration has generated much discussion over the years. Even though plant managers know that integration improves efficiency over time, they often have difficulty justifying the initial project cost. Motion Tronic can help by developing a logical industrial automation integration solution for your plant or machine that will deliver substantial ROI. Clients across all major industries such as Plastics, Textiles, Printing and Manufacturing to name a few have experienced greater profitability with Motion Tronic as their control systems integrator.
Motion Tronic begins by helping you select the right components and subsystems for process control systems integration. When your critical plant control systems, plant facilities systems, OEM skid controls and power monitoring systems work together to control your plant or machine, monitoring and maintaining your operations becomes easier and more efficient. Sharing information through industrial automation integration enables:
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced training needs
  • Improved quality control
  • Greater flexibility
  • Reduced downtime
“Motion Tronic came up with a design and manufactured a riveting cell which meets all of our expectations of product quality, consistency, and cost effectiveness.”
Jeff Wileman, Technical Manager
Gedore Tools
“Great Service, Good Quality Work, Professional & Efficient. Haven’t had any hiccups thus far and would like to keep it that way.”
Andrew de Croes
Pak 2000
Successful Integrations
At Motion Tronic, we have successfully integrated many different systems across all types of industries.

See our Automatic Riveter Purpose Built Machine for Gedore Tools, in action