Motion Tronic has been designing custom drive system for many years and our expert in house team  has the knowledge to Design, Engineer, Build and Support solutions to meet your specific needs. Some application specs for this design. Must be Mobile 24 vdc Supply System Rated to 1000 kg  Can run in independent mode or
  The use of robotics in industrial production is booming. It enables innovative production processes and is a key technology used for networking in smart factories. As a driver of efficiency, profitability and flexibility, the use of robotics has fully extended from the automobile industry into the entire machine construction sector. Pioneering automation solutions from

Industry 4.0 – Baudis IoT

Industry 4.0 BAUDIS IoT: Digitization increases availability Intelligent analysis of data BAUDIS IoT, is an IoT-capable diagnostic and communication System that allows for a simple networking of machines and systems via the Internet and the intelligent analysis of data. The networked version benefits from the long-standing expertise of the successful BAUDIS system. The system can
Exceeding expectations and delivering the panels to site 2 weeks after the go-ahead. Motion Tronic reverse engineered the application and changed the old relay control system to Siemens PLC control with HMI interface for setup, running configuration & extensive diagnostics to pinpoint faults. Desired needling density is now entered and the control system ensures that the

Demolding Made Easy

With five internal threads and multiple undercuts, demolding a Festo pneumatic maintenance unit takes skill, patience, and the right tools. In November last year, the Krallmann Group developed a quick yet high precision solution to this task using Servomold’s servoelectric unscrewing devices. Developed by Servomold and distributed by sister company, i-mold, these unscrewing devices were
We’re so proud to announce that we won the award for Best Service Based Company in South Africa in this year’s Business Excellence Awards, the awards ceremony of the Business Excellence Forum! What is the Business Excellence Forum? Attended by over 2 000 business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals annually in 5 countries worldwide, the Business
As part of our continued drive to improve customer experience, we’ve added a QR Code document storage solution to our Motion Tronic app. We know that if your electrical drawings or documents go missing, this can cause lengthy machine downtimes and make efficient fault finding difficult for your employees. With this new development, your document
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On-Site Breakdown? Call Us Now!

In today’s fast-paced business world, manufacturers simply cannot afford to fall behind schedule. We understand that long downtimes can have a major impact on your production schedule, deliverables, and bottom line. This means you simply don’t have the time to waste on sending your machine out for repairs and trying to look for a replacement
When it comes to drive repairs, our expert team can offer you the following:   1. Fault Detection Dead testing for short circuits, blown IGBTs, failed rectifiers, etc. Component level fault tracing and signal verification using calibrated oscilloscopes Extensive database on multiple brands for gathering technical information related to your equipment Advanced diagnostic testing through
At Motion Tronic, we repair and offer a 12 month warranty on all major AC and DC Servo motors and Controllers. For those of you looking to repair the motor yourselves, here’s our advice and a step-by-step guide. Before you start any repair, please note: –       It is important to exercise the utmost care when