Our Dyno Unit

Testing VSD’s and motors for repair

Why We Have a Dyno Unit

If you don’t have a Dyno Unit, how is your service provider testing the variable speed drives or motors they repair for you?

We repair all major brands.
12 month Warranty*.

Benefits: Successful & Reliable Repairs

It is imperative to own a Dyno Unit if you wish to repair VSD’s and motors. Measuring the following,

  • Load
  • Temperature
  • RPM
  • Phase Current
  • Phase Voltage
  • Torque
  • DC Bus Current, Voltage
South African Leader

We are the only company in South Africa that owns such a piece of equipment and that makes us a successful leader in carrying out VSD and motor repair.

We are able to monitor the following variables while a drive or motor is under test - all of these are vital to ensure we can offer our 12 month Warranty*
  • 3 phase voltage
  • 3 phase current
  • Frequency
  • Slip
  • RPM
  • Torque
  • DC Bus voltage
  • Temperature
  • Efficiency