The annual sps show is a much-anticipated event in the automation industry. Suppliers from around the world exhibit their wares and compete for market share. This year Motion Tronic had an opportunity to visit the show and explore the innovations on offer. The exhibition itself is enormous and you would be hard-pressed to see everything
Factory acceptance testing
For close to a year, Motiontronic has been working hand in hand with a prominent mining mineral processing firm to develop the worlds’ first and largest servo driven sampling hammer. This sampling application requires a massive amount of torque so the Baumuller DST2 High torque motor perfectly suited this application. To compliment the motor, a
Some machines grow over time dependant on operational and final-product demand. For this project Motion Tronic was tasked to modify the control of the 5 axis that were added to the end of line processing that was originally controlled exclusively by the operator. Stopping, starting and speed settings were all dependant on the operator intervention.
We do not often we get to do work on our local monuments so when the opportunity came to do work on our very own Durban Millennium Tower we were ecstatic! Due to strong storms, the tower required maintenance that meant that the operations had to be temporarily moved to a remote location 2.6km away
For manufacturers, the end of the year and the beginning of a new one is the time to reflect on what you accomplished. What you need to improve. And what you want to achieve going forward. Quite possibly you already have your goals set for 2019. But do you have a clear understanding, of how
    We’re in the midst of a significant transformation regarding the way we produce products thanks to the digitization of manufacturing. This transition is so compelling that it is being called Industry 4.0 to represent the fourth revolution that has occurred in manufacturing.       What is Industry 4.0? From the first industrial revolution
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Microsonic has equipped the new lpc+ sensor family with two output stages. The sensors in the M18 threaded sleeve have the following optional features: – two push-pull switching outputs with IO-Link interface – or a push-pull switching output plus an analogue output 0-10 V or 4-20 mA with IO-Link interface. With the four detection ranges
  Following our earlier newsletter that we upgrade injection machines, here is some insight from a project currently in progress. The electrical integration development has been completed and the installation process is underway. At this point it’s a teardown process, all the existing Fanuc controllers, drives and positioning motors are completely stripped out of their
PCB and component level repairs - Motion Tronic performing repairs
Did you know Motion Tronic perform repairs on all industrial PCB, electronic boards and servo drives? We carry specialist soldering and de-soldering tooling, and work on surface mount and through-hole electronic boards. We use state of the art electronic equipment for testing and fault finding.  These include IC testers, oscilloscopes, ramp function generators, heat signature cameras
Bradley Douglas, Managing Director
Bradley Douglas started Motion Tronic in 2003 after working in the electronic manufacturing industry for 9 years.

Practicing a hands-on approach to the business, Bradley has a natural inclination for developing efficient, innovative solutions to technical problems. This ability is a key reason for Motion Tronic’s success.

In November 2006, Baumuller selected Motion Tronic as its sole authorised service partner in South Africa. In December 2006, Motion Tronic was awarded sole agency for Microsonic products and in 2016 awarded the sole Servo Mold agency for South Africa. These selections are testament to Motion Tronic’s superior offering and Bradley’s commitment to excellent supplier and customer relations.

Technical Support
Project Divisions
Repairs to component 12 month warranty*
Industrial Automation Integration

Motion Tronic ensures the success of your industrial automation integration project and maximizes your business benefits. Motion Tronic expert industrial automation integration services include

Technology Recommendation and Integration

Process control hardware usually outlives communication protocols, operator interfaces and data gathering systems. As your plant ages, depend on MOTION TRONIC for timely upgrades that help you maintain operational efficiency and optimal industrial automation integration. We recommend the right technologies to complement your existing infrastructure, I/O points, environment and applications. Because of our platform independence, we have gained practical experience with all major automation products and have learned how to achieve industrial automation integration for a range of disparate systems.

Programming and Configuration

To facilitate industrial automation integration, MOTION TRONIC provides complete programming and configuration services, including logic conversion, coding, and building I/O and control applications. We configure and program even the most advanced control strategies within our clients’ integrated control systems, ensuring I/O optimization.

I&E Design and Engineering

MOTION TRONIC delivers design, engineering and troubleshooting services to ensure proper, high-quality industrial automation integration. An integrated instrument and electrical (I&E) system may include motor control circuits, power supplies, PLCs and other system components.

Data Integration

Data are key to industrial automation integration. Work with MOTION TRONIC to identify the valuable data across your enterprise and integrate them in manufacturing execution systems (MES), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other tools to enable real-time decision making.

Security Assurance

MOTION TRONIC ensures the security of every industrial automation integration solution, verifying proper access controls to protect your systems and proprietary information.

Systems Simulation and Testing

Software simulation and prototyping allow MOTION TRONIC to ensure the effectiveness of your industrial automation integration solution before implementing it for your plant.

Systems Startup and Commissioning

MOTION TRONIC provides comprehensive processes, tracking procedures and Enhanced Turnover Package (ETOP) documentation to ensure successful systems operation and industrial automation integration.


No industrial automation integration project is complete until the operators have undergone thorough training. MOTION TRONIC offers on-site training.