Services & Repairs

Getting you up and running again with a 12 month warranty!*

With a state of art repair lab we can carry out successful repairs to all brands of Servo Motors.

  • Back EMF Checks
  • Bearings
  • Housing machining
  • Encoder checking ,replacement and digital alignment
  • 12 month warranty*

We repair all major brands including but not limited to:

General Power Electronic Repairs

Our team can carry out repairs on PLCs, Thyristor stack and control units, variable speed drives, and Dc drives and Dyno Load test the units when the repair is complete.

  • Servo Drive
  • Standard VSD
  • PLC, I/O Cards and power supply's
  • PCB repairs to component level including SMD
  • Most Brands supported
  • Stock of components
Site Breakdown & Technical Support

We offer on-site technical assistance, together with advanced product and application support by telephone or e-mail.

  • Technicians travel worldwide
  • Experience in most industries supported
  • Wide machine knowledge
  • In depth knowledge of most automation equipment brands

We know that downtime costs you. We aim for fast failure analysis and rectification so that your business can be up and running again as soon as possible.

Our repair specialists have years of hands-on technical training and practical repair knowledge, and we can come to you.
Our goal is to get your operation up and running again as smoothly and as quickly as possible.
We boast the only Dyno Unit in S.A. capable of carrying out VSD and motors repairs, successfully and reliably.

See it in action: Our electrical Dyno Unit for testing drives we repair.